Prospective clients may use the following list of documents as a guide to preparing a submission to MSI Capital Group.

Borrower Information

  • Borrower
  • Major principals(s), partners, management
  • Contact
  • Background summary (including any prior bankruptcies)

Loan Information

  • Requested loan amount
  • Loan type
  • Loan term (years)
  • Amortization (years)
  • Existing debt
  • Anticipated sources and uses of funds

Property Information

  • Color pictures of subject property (digital OK)
  • Regional and local location maps of property (north, east, south, and west views)
  • Site plan
  • Aerial photograph (if available)
  • Third-party reports
  • Purchase price/date
  • Existing debt balance/lender

Market Information

  • Current market occupancy
  • Current market rents, by type of space (anchor, in-line, and top floor)
  • Current market comparables, by type
  • Subject property’s sub-market

Property’s Operating Information

  • Past 3 years’ property operating statements, including capital expenditures
  • Projected 3 years’ property operating statements
  • Occupancy associated with prior year and projected 12 month operating statements
  • Current rent roll
  • Ground lease and analysis (if applicable)
  • Schedule of reimbursements and how they are calculated
  • 3 years’ sales figures for tenants with % units

Template Downloads
Complete loan application package attached.

MSI Loan Application Packet
Borrower Resume Template
Blank Operating Statement
Blank Rent Roll